Contrasting cruises on the Camel


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Neither of the boat trips shown here can properly be described as a cruise. The word does, however, have an alliterative value for the purposes of my title.

The first boat is one of those noisy vulgar things, as garish in decor as it is intrusive to the ear. It thunders past here several times a day. Many years ago, there was a television sketch or advertisement in which a fisherman’s peace by the pond was disturbed by noisy yoofs with an electric boat; the fisherman’s remotely-controlled model submarine crept from the weeds and sank the boat with a torpedo. I wished for something similar when this monster went by.

Vulgar it may be, but it made a good subject for photographs. Click on one to see them at full size.


The second boat looked as if it had been on the receiving end of that torpedo, though I suspect it was simply unseaworthy. From the terrace we could see only that the lifeboat was alongside a craft of some kind. Through a long lens it was possible to see that the boat, used in an amateur sort of way for fishing, was very low in the water and was taken in tow.

It was only when I looked at the resulting photographs at their maximum size that I saw that some poor sod, presumably a lifeboatman, had had to get in the river, presumably to fix the towline. I wonder if the fisherman ever got home, and whether he will give a donation to the RNLI.



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